Mike's Page - Room Pics
Since I won't post any pictures of myself, here's some pictures
of my room. Click on the thumbnail to see the full picture.

These pictures are horrendously old. I've got a new TV, a new Mac,
a new room layout, and much, much, more! Please come back
next year to read an excuse as to why I haven't
posted new pictures yet. Thank you!

AUGUST 2011: Well my excuse is that I took pictures in April and then I moved again so all my picutres are invalid!!! How convenient!!!So guess what, the next pictures will be December 2013.

These are the three Macs that I don't use: LC II (475 Mobo), Quadra 610, PowerMac 6100/66. This is my PowerMac 7300/180. I use it for testing programs on Mac OS 8.6. UPDATED: This is my bed. The blanket has fish on it (it used to be my sister's). This is my 13 inch TV. Obviously, we have DISH Network, because there are no cable lines.

Here's a general view of my G4 iMac. This is the keyboard and mouse I do all of my work on :o) Here's a good picture of my desk. There's all of my computer books, my Stylewriter II, and my stereo that I never use.

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