DropStuff must be set up right. Here's how to do it.

Step 1. Open DropStuff and then open the preferences window, it looks like this

Step 2. In the archive type menu choose Stuffit X

Step 3. In the compression level choose Custom...

Step 4. A window should open, if it does not open then click the Settings button. the window looks like this

Step 5. For compression method choose "choose method by analysis"

Step 6. slide the memory consumption to 25

Step 7. turn redundency level off

Step 8. turn encoding off

Step 9. turn optimizers ON

Step 10. turn blockmode ON

Step 11. click the Stuffit5 tab

Step 12. The stuffit5 panel should have one menu called compression method. choose the "choose method by analysis" choice

Step 13. Press OK

Step 14. Press OK on the other window

Step 15. Stuff your files!!! They should be smaller now, but it takes a long time to stuff.

Modified 16-Nov-2015 to fix the images.