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Welcome to my basically permanent homepage. Content comes first later, images also come later.
Way later. August, 2011 2014 2016 The Apocalypse, maybe. But don't get your hopes up.
Welcome to 2021 Update: Holy Shit, sans serif font!!!!!1111MODERN

Stuff you can do (such as it is):

  • About Me - Not a lot right now. Probably won't be a lot for a long time. No picture. Don't ask for one either.
  • My Room - Horribly old pictures from my old room at the house. I live in an apartment now.
  • SOFTWARE: Check out SilverCreator, Spy, and SNET IRC!
  • David vs. Goliath - Adobe Software is attempting to suppress the distribution of a freeware software product that plays SWF files. This is Operation: Streisand Will Fail
  • Old AOL Pictures - A collection of pictures of old AOL areas. I also collect old pictures of AOL areas. Updated on September 12th (during the Bush administration) with new pictures!!!
  • NEW! IP Ranges to CIDR Converter - A converter that actually works. Takes a list of IP ranges and outputs a list in CIDR notation. (Does not currently collapse adjacent ranges.)
  • Tidbits - Various things that I've uploaded for one reason or another. Trees, 7300 ROM People, Daria Theme, and Nick MIDIs have moved here.
  • E-Mail Me - or mikerich88 (at) gmail (dot) com
  • WHOA! Donate - I like money. Why not give me some? Sign up for PayPal which is a great service then donate money to me which is even better!
    • Fun fact: Someone donated in 2018, because the System 7 Desktop Patterns are still available in the tidbits folder. Online hoarding pays off!
  • REALLY COOL! The Dump Internet Radio - Check out my internet radio station!

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